How does one go about constructing THE BEST “Cranial Electric Stimulation CES Device?

These are the points that went into the design of the NEW NeuroTrek Digital Pro:

1) Safety – It has been determined by clinical studies that the most effective signal to be delivered to the body is a Bi-phasic squarewave
with an amplitude of 600uA (microamps) to be safe for MicroTENS use. The NEW NeuroTrek Digital Pro (NTP),
uses this same scheme except the output can go up to 2000uA’s as many customers asked for more power.

2) Effectiveness – This is where our experience and creativity really comes in. The bottom line to effectiveness is it’s ability
to entrain the brain to the desired brain-state safely and quickly. We have identified several unique methods I’m sure you’ve never heard of before:

  • Acoustic resonance of the skull cavity – Testing in our lab has uncovered that the acoustic frequency of most peoples skulls vary
    between 68Hz and 82Hz. When you tune to your exact acoustical frequency, you can feel standing waves either gong up or down your body very slowly at first, then when tuned exact you feel a timelessness feeling hard to explain but the main point is when using this frequency as a carrier along with your desired brain-state at he same time Entrainment is greatly enhanced. The NTP is able to tune accurately to this acoustic frequency and lock it in for future use.
  • 5 Frequencies at the same time – Yes you can set the NeuroTrek to output 5 frequencies and be able to set the relationship these frequencies have to each other. Which is more powerful, inputting one frequency to the brain or 5 frequencies all locked in harmonics of each other? The brain works this way as well. In an EEG one can see that if Alpha at say 10Hz is dominant in a person at a given time that they will also have the harmonics of 5Hz, 20hz, 40Hz. Now you can create these relationships AND be able to ramp your fundamental frequency from a starting frequency to an ending frequency while maintaining harmonic relationships! This is very powerful!
  • Duty Cycle – Adjust the duty cycle of each frequency separately. This has the effect of releasing endorphins as the Duty Cycle is reduced. When the brain is told with a perfect square wave to “go to this brain-state now” it resists a bit, but when nudged using a smaller pulse (smaller duty cycle)  it’s similar to a gong or allowing the brain to resonate on it’s own. We get a reward for this and that’s endorphins. This is a good recommendation for people who have pain issues or can’t sleep as it feels like you had a couple of glasses of wine. Also good for deep meditations.

After Entrainment what else is important?

How About:

  • Sync Input – This input can be used to sync with any Light and Sound Machine making the NDP the slave of the L/S machine. Also you can input audio from an AudioStrobe soundtrack and the NeuroTrek will decode the signals and create a light/sound/microcurrent session.
  • New Earclips – Forget those old earclips that need to be wetted with a salt solution. The new NDP uses carbon foam earclips which are cheaper, more effective, more comfortable and last much longer.
  • 2 MicroCurrent Outputs – Each output is a Bi-Phasic squarewave variable from 0 – 2000 microamps independantly of each other. Smooth adjustment so there are no surprises.
  • 1 headphone output – this is the amplified sync input. This is used for Binaural beat sessions with or without AudioStrobe.
  • Timers – 2 timers one measures the “ON” time, the other is for setting an “Off” time. This can be used for bedtime sessions, where you set the Neurotrek to a sleep frequency and then set the timer to turn off in 20 minutes when you are asleep.
  • Useability – The NEW streamlined NeuroTrek is now smaller and lighter. The controls are now sliders similar to  controls found on the Ipod. Also menus are simplified and there is easy access to common uses such as – Learn, Sleep, Relax, Meditate, Pain or Energize.
  • Wide Range of frequencies – How about 0 – 10,000hz with accurate control down to .1Hz. This will allow more research into higher harmonics of brain-states. For example 10Hz base frequency then harmonics of 20Hz, 40Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz for example.
  • Memory – Remembers up to 50 of your favorite settings, ready for your use when you need it. Need to wake up? Just invoke your most effective session from your favorites

How Much Does All This Functionality Cost?

Considering the original NeuroTrek Digital Pro cost $799 and was a SELL OUT, what can we charge for this newly improved model?

First we thought $997. would be a bargain and it truely would be. But no, we want this to get out to more experimenters.

So since we know this would be a hit, as everyone helped design this model with all their feedback, we are able to bring this to you at a low price of only – $449.97 and it comes with a full 1 year warranty. You also get  a 60 day money back guarantee – no matter what the reason!

When Will this be Available?

This unit is almost done being developed. We have the hardware done and are waiting for the software to be finalized which will be in the next 2 – 3 months.

BUT Wait… We Have A Surprise For You!

We have been getting a lot of requests for more NeuroTreks, the original Digital Pro.

So we have decided to produce another batch of these original NeuroTreks while finishing the design of the New model.

Now here is the deal… if you commit to a purchase of the original NeuroTrek with just $1.00 when we reach 20 sales we can do
a production run of 20 units as this is the minimum. Then you will be charged the price of just $449.97 and you will receive your
original NeuroTrek Digital Pro within 3 weeks of being charged.

Here’s the good part…

When we release the NEW model in 2 – 3 months you can just trade your Original NeuroTrek in for the NEW model just for the cost of shipping!
This way you will have your NeuroTrek Digital Pro in the shortest possible time. I really hope we can partner together on this as it will help us with the costs of producing the NEW NeuroTrek which we want to bring to market sooo badly.

I believe this will be one of the Ultimate Tools for Self Growth and I welcome you not only as a customer or a new friend, but I welcome you to the developement team as well.

Please visit our blog often and comment. I want to know your viewpoints and applications. I do have a variety  of experience using the NeuroTrek in lots of different applications, I welcome any questions you might have.


NeuroTrek Digital Pro Update

by on March 5, 2011

NeuroTrek Digital ProThe Neurotrek Digital Pro has been out of production pending a redesign.

The redesign… has been taking a lot longer than expected.  I would like to tell  you about the new
improvements on this latest design but let’s go back first so you more fully appreciate it’s evolution.

Did you know that  first NeuroTrek was born back in 1998? That’s right and it was an Anolog
model – my favorite. Why? Because you were able to turn a dial and experience smooth transitions
of brain states, just stop where it feels right.

But Then…

People wanted to tell their friends about a “new state” they found. With Analog it was difficult as in
“Turn the top dial around 11 o clock”, etc  You get the point.

So this brings us to the most recent NeuroTrek Digital Pro – Where you can output and modulate 2 frequencies at
the same time, vary duty cycle (Endorphin release), set timers, and traverse the FULL RANGE of possible brainstates.
It was a little complicated for some people except the “NeuroTrek Digital Pro Advanced Researcher”.

Now for the NEW NeuroTrek Digital Pro 2.0 – I’m so excited to bring my best work to you.
Let me tell you the “goodies” this new baby has in store for you.

How about:

  • Experience 5 frequencies at the same time! These frequencies can be “Mode Locked” so they work together in harmonics or chords of each other. They maintain their relationship while you ramp through various frequencies or “states of being”.
  • Smooth control of Intensity all the way to 2,000 microamps or 2 milliamps.
  • Oops I don’t want to give too much away. More in the next post… (also see how you can get one yourself